Technical Hire

We have a range of additional event equipment that may be useful for your event. Please ask if you are short of something and we will be happy to provide a quotation for the hire or sale.

Below is a sample list of set packages we also offer:

Lighting Hire package

2 x Doughty winch stand, 6 x 1K PARcan, 2 x Alpha pack dimming, 1 x Alaro Control Console, 1 x associated distribution cable.

Audio Hire Package

2 x Wharfedale EVP 15 350W speaker, 1 x Inter-m 1000W amplifier, 1 x 4Ch Sonic100 Mixing console, 1 x Wired SM 58 microphone and Stand, 1 x Associated distribution cable

Site Power Package

4 x 32Amp- 13Amp rubber box, 4 x 16Amp – 13Amp rubber box, 8 x 32 Amp distribution cable, 8 x 16Amp distribution Cable, Main TPN – Misc SPN distribution Box.