Terms & Conditions

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a) It is the responsibility of the hirer to insure the equipment against all risks, as they will be held responsible for the safe return and management of all equipment during the hire period. Any damage or loss will be charged for at the current price.


a) It is the hirer’s responsibility to see that the equipment is used and installed by competent persons and that all work is carried out to Health & Safety at Work standards. If SA Atkin Services have installed the equipment the responsibility of the hirer will commence on completion of site works. In the event that remedial works are carried out temporary responsibility is handed back to SA Atkin services during such time that works commences. Responsibility is returned to the client on completion of remedial works.

b) It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that the equipment has been erected to the expected standards for that location and prevailing weather conditions.

c) Responsibility for all equipment by the hirer will cease on return to SA Atkin Services of hire equipment OR the inception on-site by any SA Atkin Services staff or agent.

d) In the event that the equipment is altered, relocated or changed from the initial installation by the hirer it is the hirer’s responsibility to ensure that such alterations are applied with care and skill and with consideration to the prevailing weather conditions. SA Atkin Services will not accept responsibility for accidental damage to property or persons as a result of changes made to the installation by the hirer. This includes changes to temporary fencing and specifically the affixing of signage or barrier scrimmage to said fencing.

e) SA Atkin Services cannot accept responsibility for any damage to property or injury to personnel caused by the equipment whilst on hire unless as a result of negligence in the setting up/siting of hire equipment by SA Atkin Services. It is the responsivity of the client to ensure site location is suitable for the event needs.

f) It is the client’s responsibility when selecting the site location to obtain up to date information with regards to ground conditions and proximity to utility services. The hirer is responsible for identifying the location of services suspect of being less than 450mm from the prevailing ground level.

All ground anchorages supplied will be no longer than 450mm long.


a) All items are hired for weekly or daily period and must be returned on the dates specified, or a further charge could be incurred. All prices are exclusive of VAT at the current rate.


a) A proportion of spare lamps are included with all consignments. ALL blown lamps must be returned otherwise replacements will be charged in full. Lamps damaged by other means will also be charged in full, as will those not returned.



a) Orders must be confirmed in writing by the person or organisation assuming responsibility for the hired equipment; this should be received by SA Atkin Services at least 48hours before the commencement of hire. 24 hours’ notice must be given for a cancellation otherwise a 20%of total order cancellation fee will be made.


a) During the hire period, it is the responsibility of the hirer to monitor weather conditions to reduce the risk to injury to persons and damage to the equipment throughout the hire period. Any damage as a result of adverse weather will be charged to the hirer. If SA Atkin Services have supplied and erected the equipment, an assessment will be made at the erection time based on the forecast conditions. If such conditions are outside the weather minima for safe use SA Atkin Services reserve the right to cancel the hire. If the hirer has concerns over the integrity of the equipment during adverse weather conditions, it is the responsibility of the hirer to inform SA Atkin Services of their concerns in a timely fashion so that any required action can be carried out to reduce the risk to damage or injury. If such concerns are not communicated it will be the sole responsibility of the hirer to pay for any incurred costs of damage or claim by any third party. If the hirer has erected the equipment themselves, it is their responsibility to ensure that the equipment remains safe and secure throughout the hire period.

For information: The Maximum Wind Speed Forecast for our 3 x 3 m and 6 x 3m gazebo Marquees is 20mph prevailing with gusts no more than 25mph. If the forecast exceeds this all structures must be dismantled and removed from site.


a)Hire period commences from the time the equipment leaves our premises and terminates only on the return of all hired items in full working order, to the nearest weekly period OR at the handover period with a completed handover checklist until the inception on site of any SA Atkin services Staff or appointed agent. Hires available for collection PM and to be returned AM, unless by prior arrangement.


a) For non-account customers, payment is required on collection or prior to delivery, a deposit will be required along with proof of identity if requested. We reserve the right not to release the goods to persons without I.D. Minimum invoice value on all hires £25.00. Account invoices are to be settled 30 days from date of invoice, credit charges of 5% above base rates per month accumulative become due thereafter.

Bank Detail: Account Number 18188532, Sort Code 602477.


a) Every effort is made to supply equipment as ordered but we reserve the right to substitute other similar equipment. Faulty equipment must be reported immediately and returned to SA Atkin Services to allow us to repair, replace or refund the hire charge, any request to attend to equipment on site whilst in the care of the hirer will incur a minimum call-out fee of £42.50. We do not accept responsibility for any other loss. All equipment is checked prior to release and is tested on a regular basis to comply with the Electricity at Work and Portable Appliance Test regulations where applicable.


a) Plugs & sockets must not be removed. A charge of £5.00 + parts + VAT will be made for each refit. Cables are supplied coiled and secured, please return them in the same condition. A charge of £1.00 + VAT will be made for untangling and coiling of each cable if returned in an unsatisfactory condition.


a) This can be arranged with prior notice for a reasonable charge. We can offer a 24/7 delivery/collection service which is calculated and charged as per the requirements of each hire.